Wooly Wear and Care

I grew up surrounded by family who created in many forms, often to make ends meet. Now I knit and sew items that are both practical and made to last. Natural fibers are my preferred choice; therefore, special attention is needed when washing. To ensure your handmade Woolies get the care they need, please follow these instructions.

How to care for your quilts and cushions:

  • Smaller quilts and cushions may be machine washed using a mild, bleach free detergent on a delicate cycle in cool water, never hot. We recommended using a colour fast strip for the first couple of washes to prevent colours from running. These strips can be purchased in most supermarkets.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Fill washer with water and detergent before putting your quilt in as you don’t want the detergent getting directly on your quilt. 
  • Harmful chemicals found in some detergents and bleach can damage the fibers and colours of your quilt.
  • You may want to do a second rinse to ensure there is no trace of detergent on your quilt that may damage the fibers of your quilt fabric.
  • Remove wet items from washer immediately after the wash cycle to prevent coloured fabrics from running.
  • Remove items from washer carefully with two hands to avoid pulling and strain on stiches. Wet items are heavier and need to be handled with care.
  • You can dry quilts on a medium to low heat in a dryer or hang on a clothesline on a warm day. You may want to avoid direct sunlight as the sun may fade the colours of your quilt.
  • Do not pull or tear loose threads that may appear. Snip lose threads carefully with a pair of scissors.
  • Quilts too large for a regular household washer may be dry cleaned.

How to care for your hand-knitted items:

Most of our knitted items are knitted with 100% natural, non-super wash fibers, therefore it is important to follow instructions carefully for proper wash and care.

  • Use a mild detergent preferably one that is specific to washing wool/natural fibers. We suggest a detergent with lanolin which helps protect the natural fibers.
  • Wash wool items only as necessary.  Wool is breathable, hardy and is naturally resistant to stains and odours.
  • Wash item in cool/warm water. Be gentle when handling wet item as rubbing the fibers may cause them to become felted and/or to shrink. 
  • Allow items to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. Drain water and gently press out excess water.  No not twist.
  • Roll garment in a dry towel and press out excess water.  Again, do not twist. 
  • Gently unroll the towel and carefully lay garment flat on another dry towel, reshaping it without stretching or pulling. 
  • Be sure to dry your garment in a warm dry area but away from direct sunlight and heat.  You may want to turn your garment over or even inside out to ensure even drying.  Be careful not to pull or stretch wet garments as fibers are more delicate when wet.
  • Hanging wet garments to dry can cause uneven drying or stretching. Drying over a radiator can cause damage to fibers or unwanted creasing.

If you have any questions about how to care for your Woolies please see the Wear and Care section under each product listing where have provided instructions for each item. You can also contact us with any questions!